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Bach Flower International Training Programme
sponsored by Healing Herbs

Learning to use Bach Flower Remedies
Classroom and Distance Learning Courses for 2009/10

Bach Flower Training Programme - Introduction
Bach Flower Remedies can be selected for particular moods and character types. The course will show you how to identify both the positive and negative emotional states we all meet in the course of life. Dr Bach’s thought provoking philosophy and his understanding of illness and health are at the heart of the course.

You will follow the journey Dr Bach took between 1928 and 1935 when he went out into the British countryside in search of plants to treat the emotional imbalances he believed were the root cause of all illnesses. He sensed similarities between people needing to be healed and the characteristics of certain plants. You will learn about Dr Bach’s ideas through practical experience: by observing the plants and reflecting on your own experiences of the moods and character states Dr Bach identified. This will lead you to increased self-awareness and a deeper understanding of illness and health.

On both the classroom and distance learning courses you will build up your own file of class texts including individual and group exercises that will help you learn about the healing powers in nature. There will be opportunities to share experiences, ideas about the remedies and the states of mind they reflect. During the course you will be encouraged to build on the texts provided by recording your own ideas and observations on the flowers, the Bach Remedies and their effects.



Who are the Bach Flower training courses for?
Dr Bach wrote that no medical experience or formal qualifications were needed to use the remedies. The complete beginner and those who already know something about Bach remedies will all benefit from the course. Practitioners of other therapies may be especially interested in adding them to their range of treatments, Dr Bach worked passionately to pass on his discoveries and knowledge through books, public lectures and teaching his colleagues. His aim was to make the flower remedies available for use in every home.

Dr Bach said: "… without a knowledge of medicine their use can be understood so easily that they can be used in the household." (Wallingford Lecture 1936 - Collected Writings Page 3).

There are no secret recipes or detailed textbooks of scientific information to learn. All that is needed, Dr Bach suggested, is a genuine desire to understand how to relieve suffering. Our course will help you learn the remedies by studying the plants and the emotional states they help to balance through a practical and thought provoking text.

Bach Flower Training Testimonials

"Inspiring, informative, interactive and fun" Tanya Lodge, Master Herbalist

"It has opened up a new world to me" Paula Trafford, aromatherapist and reflexologist


What is included with the courses?

  • A loose leaf text book divided into 11 interactive modules which describe the 38 plants, the Bach Remedies and their uses.

  • A CD of pictures of the 38 plants used to make remedies.

  • A set of colour postcards of the 38 plants.

  • The course text book: Collected Writings of Edward Bach edited by Julian Barnard.

  • The video ‘A Journey into Healing’ by Julian Barnard & Charles Stewart.

The classroom course also includes free use of a class set of Healing Herbs Bach Flower Remedies.



The Classroom Course
The course will be held in Room T009, Regent's College, Inner Circle, Regents Park, London, NW1 4NS.
The nearest Tube stations are Baker St. and Great Portland St. There will be opportunities to see some of the remedy plants and trees growing in Regents Park during the course.

Completion of the course, including three case studies, will entitle you to the Healing Herbs Learning to Use Bach Flower Remedies International Certificate.

Classroom Course Dates and Times
The course is run over three weekends, 10am-5pm, and the next two courses are on the following dates:

2009 Course
26 & 27 September
24 & 25 October
21 & 22 November

2010 Course
23 & 24 January
27 & 28 February
27 & 28 March

Price - Classroom Course
The price is £495, including assessment.
A £100 non-returnable deposit is payable to confirm your place.

Payment plans, student discounts and some other concessions are available on application.



The Distance Learning Course
Using the same course texts, you can start anytime and study at your own rate over three or six months. The course modules will be sent to you at regular intervals over the period you select. You will be encouraged to build on the texts provided by recording your own ideas, observations on the flowers, the remedies and their effects.

As you work through the course, you will be able to monitor your progress and reflect on your own experiences of the remedies as you learn about them. The answer packs for each module completed will be included with the subsequent modules. An optional final module will include the submission of three case studies and a multiple choice assessment paper. On successful completion of this module you will be awarded the Healing Herbs Learning to Use Bach Flower Remedies Distance Learning Certificate.

A one-day workshop to supplement the course and deepen your understanding will be run two or three times a year (depending on demand). There will be opportunities to share experiences with other students, teachers and practitioners and discuss your ideas about using the remedies. You will have the chance to study the plants themselves and relate them to the states of mind they reflect. An understanding of the different methods of diagnosis and the ethics of prescribing will be among the topics covered. Attendance at one of these workshops will entitle you to the full Healing Herbs Learning to Use Bach Flower Remedies International Certificate.

 Price - Distance Learning Course
- £350 full course packs
- £75 optional assessment for certifications
- £75 one day workshop for full International Certificate



How to apply for the Healing Herbs Bach Flower Training Programme:
Click here to view and print out an application form. For further information please contact: Joanne Sumner - Course Tutor
Tel: +44(0)20 8567 0293
Mob: +44(0)7786 273 826