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What is Homeopathy? - A Beginner's Guide - Osborne and HoolWhat is Homeopathy?
A Beginner's Guide

An introduction to the history, principles
and philosophy of homeopathy
Jean Osborne and Meryl Hool

What is Homeopathy is simply presented in an easy to follow format. Written for those new to homeopathy, it traces the origins of homeopathic thought and its re-emergence as an increasingly popular and effective system of medicine today.

As well as its history, the basic principles and philosophy of homeopathy are outlined, answering the questions most newcomers are likely to ask, such as Who discovered it? What is meant by like cures like? and How can such a tiny dose of medicine be effective?

Ideal for the beginner to homeopathy, What is Homeopathy? is essential reading for anyone interested in this fascinating subject.

69pp; spring bound
ISBN: 0-9538884-1-X

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