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What is Biodynamics? - Rudolf SteinerWhat is Biodynamics

A Way to Heal and Revitalize the Earth
Seven lectures by Rudolf Steiner

What is Biodynamics? brings together seven seminal lectures by Rudolf Steiner – four on developing a spiritual perception of nature and three, from his Agriculture Course, dealing with biodynamic preparations. Hugh J. Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics contributes an informative, passionate and visionary introduction – the fruit of a lifetime of experience and a profound dedication to the task of healing the Earth and our relationship to her.


In 1924, a group of farmers, gardeners and others concerned with the depletion of soils and a general deterioration in the quality of crops and livestock asked Rudolf Steiner to speak to them about what might be done. The result was the Agriculture Course, eight lectures on “the spiritual foundations for a renewal of agriculture.”

Since then, on the basis of Steiner’s indications, generations of farmers, gardeners, viticulturalists, and researchers have developed Biodynamics. It is a uniquely healing, ecological, and spiritual approach to a sustainable care of the Earth.

For Biodynamics, the farm or garden is a self-contained organism, embedded in the living landscape of the Earth, which is itself embedded in a living, dynamic cosmos of vital, spiritual energies. Emphasis is placed on integrating plants and animals, recycling nutrients, maintaining and improving the soil, working with the stars and seasons, as well as the spiritual realities active in all of these. The overall aim is the increased health and vitality of the whole, including the farmer or gardener.

Because it works consciously with the life forces and other subtle energies active in nature, Biodynamics understands the “alchemy” of nature as a materialization of spirit and a spiritualization of matter. The biodynamic practitioner follows an alchemical, transformative path of working with the Earth in a way that is both healing and productive. To this end, he or she uses the nine “homeopathic” preparations created by Steiner to enhance soil quality and stimulate plant life.

Trans. M. Barton, C. Creeger, M. Gardner
paperback; 192pp
ISBN: 0-8801054-0-2

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