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Way of Self-Knowledge/The Threshold of the Spiritual World - Rudolf SteinerA Way of Self-Knowledge &
The Threshold of the Spiritual World

Rudolf Steiner

A Way of Self-Knowledge and The Threshold of the Spiritual World is a single volume which comprises two complete books by Rudolf Steiner in which he guides the student in the most intimate way to develop an inner sense of the reality of the spiritual worlds. In a step by step progression he introduces the various principles of the human-spiritual realms in such a way that they can be 'sensed' or experienced, each through a comprehension of its own intrinsic nature. Each meditation is an exercise which requires inner application to apprehend the subtle nature of the subject being addressed and is intended to help develop in the reader the forces and faculties which bring one to the 'threshold' of perception which is usually delimited by our physical-sensory experience.

Part one, A Way of Self-Knowledge, contains eight meditations that take the reader on a journey through human experience. Beginning with ordinary experience, Steiner offers ways to imagine and understand the physical body, the elemental (or etheric) body, the elemental world, the Guardian of the Threshold, the astral body, the I-body (or thought body), the nature of experience in suprasensory worlds, and ways of perceiving previous earthly lives.

Part two, The Threshold of the Spiritual World, contains sixteen short chapters in which Steiner provides aphoristic thoughts on trusting one’s thinking, cognition of the spiritual world, karma and reincarnation, the astral body and luciferic beings, how to recognize suprasensory consciousness, the true nature of love, and more.

A Way of Self-Knowledge is the true sequel and complement to the classic of inner development, How to Know Higher Worlds. It lays out in a way that is accessible to anyone the road to self-knowledge and to the world of spirit.

This Collected Works edition contains a new introduction, a chronology of Rudolf Steiner's life, and an index.

“I hope that reading this book can become a kind of inner conversation. If this conversation unfolds in such a way that it reveals the hidden inner forces that can be awakened in every soul, then reading this book may lead to genuine, inner soul work. As a result you may find yourself gradually impelled to undertake that journey of the soul which truly leads to vision of the spiritual world.”
—Rudolf Steiner

Steiner Books
Trans. Christopher Bamford
174pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88010-443-2
ISBN: 0-88010-443-0

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