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Twelve Healers - Bach Flower Remedy DVDBach Flower Remedy DVD
The Twelve Healers

Twelve films which explore the first 12 of the Bach Flower Remedies

The Twelve Healers Bach Flower DVD from Healing Herbs has 12 short films of approximately 3 minutes each, which illustrate the plants used and describe the emotional states which inform the action of each remedy. You will hear the voices of Nickie Murray and Julian Barnard in conversation - recordings made in 1986 when Nickie was still at the Bach Centre. More recent accounts of the plants' form and function create a dialogue spanning the 20 years since then. Nickie died in 1997 and this presentation is dedicated to her memory. Each film gives you the feeling of the remedy. They may be used for diagnosis, for teaching purposes, to deepen understanding of the 'twelve primary types of personality' as Bach described them, and to show botanical details of each species used.

Use these films to help identify your 'remedy type'. See the remedy plants in their natural habitat as photographed first in The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach.

Further explore the relationship between plant, remedy and person as expressed in Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function by Julian Barnard.

The work and research of Julian Barnard underpins these films and publications and forms the basis of the Healingherbs Training and Distance Learning Programme.

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