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The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge - Rudolf SteinerThe Tree of Life and
The Tree of Knowledge

4 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge contains four lectures by Rudolf Steiner which cover what is known mythically as the temptation of Lucifer and its effects on the development of human consciousness. Steiner approaches this from different angles including the effects on our perception and thinking, it's alteration of our sleep life, and also the historical paths of Knowledge cultures and Life cultures in European cultural development. Steiner also describes the return of the principle of Life through the advent of Christ and the Deed of Golgotha as the resolution of the one-sided nature of human Knowledge which is devoid of Life. The possibility of imbuing Knowledge with Life through an understanding of a Christ-centred spiritual science is now here. "Hence we may understand as living Christ revelation what we have received as spiritual science."

Further information on the significance of the two Jesus boys is also given with emphasis on the particular importance of the elements of the Nathan child not having been touched by the Luciferic degradation.

In the final lecture, Steiner also discusses categorically the impossibility of any true anthroposophical knowledge coming by way of mediumship/channelling, illustrating the matter with the kinds of interference and manipulation of mediums and their followers by the "grey or black spiritual scientists" whose purpose is not knowledge and enlightenment, but ego-centric drives to propagate distorted or one-side spiritual world views which exclude the enlivening and humanising forces of the Christ impulse.

Mercury Press
4 lectures; 24 July - 1 Aug 1915, Dornach; GA 162
68pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-929979-97-4


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