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Dental Homeopathy - LessellA Textbook of Dental Homoeopathy

For Dental Surgeons, Homoeopaths and General Medical Practitioners
Dr Colin B. Lessell

A Textbook of Dental Homoeopathy: This book has long been awaited by professionals - a complete, modern, practical and usable book on the application of homoeopathy to oral medicine, general dentistry and oral surgery. It will not be out of place on the bookshelf or in the office of any dental surgeon, committed homoeopath or medical doctor.

The first and lesser part of the book is a basic introduction to the principles of homoeopathy. The second and greater part is in encyclopaedic form, being a combined therapeutic index of orofacial disease and materia medica of virtually all the therapeutic substances mentioned in the text. It also constitutes a self-tuition course in dental homoeopathy.

Appendix One suggests the structure for an initial dental pharmacy in clinical practice, and Appendix Two contains a modern view of the important matter of mercury toxicity.

Dr Colin B. Lessell, Vice-Chairman of the British Homoeopathic Dental Association, brings before you a digestible text of homeopathy as applied to conservation, periodontology, orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology, endodontics and orofacial surgery. The important matters of nutrition and the recognition of disease within the mouth are also considered in some detail.

C. W. Daniel
212pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-85207-281-3

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