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Solar Writer Zodiac Child Astrology Chart and Report Writer

The Solar Writer Zodiac Child report has been written to act as a guide for parents and guardians of children. All parents want the best for their children. We want our children to live happy and fulfilled lives. All parents and teachers would like to see children reach their full potential. This can be achieved by recognizing and accepting each child's individual gifts and weaknesses. Understanding these traits, we can help our children overcome obstacles and provide them with as many opportunities as possible to develop their inborn talents.
The journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. This report is intended to help parents and mentors to understand their children and to offer them the insight necessary to give the most appropriate guidance for both realising the child's potential and for helping them through areas of difficulty.

The report averages 12 pages and includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful graphics. The text has been written by astrologer and journalist Stephanie Johnson and the artwork created by children's book artist Janet Bridgland.

The report is in six sections:
Family and Friends includes interpretations for the Moon and Venus in the signs and houses
Talents and Schooling includes interpretations for the Sun and Mercury in the signs and houses
Goals includes interpretations for the Ascendant and Mars in the sign and houses
Childhood Journey includes interpretations of hard and soft aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Maggie Meister says, "Finally, a computer report writer geared towards the fine sensibilities of the young child. Careful around the unformed, raw personality, this report points up the areas in the child's life likely to play a role in the development and formation of character."

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