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Solar Writer—Vocation

Astrology Report Writer
text by Brian Clark

Solar Writer - Vocation written by Brian Clark provides an in-depth insight into the soul's expression through career.

Illustrated - Editable - Stand-alone or use within Solar Fire

A Solar Writer Vocation report contains:

  • An Introduction to Vocation

  • Vocation and Destiny - The Lunar Nodes

  • Vocation and Direction - The Ascendant and Angular Planets

  • Vocation and Character - The Sun and Moon

  • Income - The 2nd House Cusp and Planets in the 2nd House.

  • Work - the 6th House Cusp and Planets in the 6th House.

  • Profession - The Midheaven and Planets in the 10th House, Planets conjunct and opposite the Midheaven.

The author's aim in each approximately 25-page report is to provide an astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities and to help you, and anyone who reads this report, to reflect on a fulfilling career path.

"The writing throughout the report is extremely inspiring and profound and certainly motivates one to take a deeper look at their life and career purposes..... All in all, it was such a treat! As a professional, it is harder to find material that excites me or teaches me something new but your report succeeded in all ways."
US Astrologer Patrice Kamins

"This report gives me plenty of food for thought. It actually calls for a more contemplative engagement and response rather that a quick fix. In the end, our vocation journey is about self-knowldege and awareness. It certainly gives that in spades."
Maggie, Marketing.

View a Full Vocation Sample Report for Richard Branson (PDF file)
View a Vocation Sample Report for Richard Branson (PDF file)


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