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Solar Writer Health and Well-BeingSolar Writer—Health and Wellbeing
from Esoteric Technologies

(text by Michele Finey)

Solar Writer—Health and Wellbeing is Illustrated and Editable, and is a Stand-Alone program or can be used within Solar Fire.

Solar Writer—Health and Wellbeing gives an insightful report on your astrological health configuration along with helpful tips about diet, exercise and healing modalities. This new report program from Esoteric Technologies helps you identify and transform imbalances of energy and negative emotional patterns, as well as discover ways to boost your self-esteem and renew your energy and purpose. The report contains easy-to-understand text by healer and astrologer Michele Finey and beautiful illustrations by artist and astrologer Mary Kay Steventon.

The report contains:-

  • Your General Temperament - Balance of Elements and Modes

  • Your Emotional Health - Moon in the signs

  • Your Spiritual Essence - Sun in the signs

  • Your Vitality - the Life Force - Sun in the houses

  • Managing the Physical Demands of Living - Aspects to the Sun

  • Your Physical Body and Energy -The Ascendant

  • Strengths and Sensitivities - Planets in the 1st House

  • Inner Needs and Outer Experiences - Finding Balance - Ruler of the Ascendant, Plus Aspects to the Ascendant Plus Aspects of the Ruler of The Ascendant

  • Work and Health - Managing the Impact of Stress - Planets in the 6th House Plus Ruler of the 6th House

  • Limiting the Impact of Chronic Stress - Planets Aspecting the 6th House cusp

  • Physical Energy and Exercise - Mars in the signs and houses

  • Healing Solutions - Chiron in the signs and houses

  • Key Parts of the body

And if you have your own preferences then you can edit the text yourself.

Click here to view a Health and Well-Being sample report for Shirley MacLaine (pdf file)

About the Author: Michele Finey is an astrologer, freelance writer, healer and hypnotherapist, based in Melbourne. Born in 1959, Michele developed an interest in the planets in childhood and began teaching herself astrology in 1980. After further study with the Melbourne School of Astrology, Michele gained an FAA Diploma and served on several FAA committees in the '80s and '90s. In the early '90s Michele qualified in Clinical Hypnosis and more recently gained an Arts Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing. Michele has written feature articles for numerous publications and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers.

About the Artist: Kay Steventon is a Australian-based artist and astrologer. After graduating in 1980 with a Diploma Fine Art, Kay gained the Federation of Australian Astrologers’ Professional Astrologer qualification, and 'Living The Tarot' Diploma. Since 1966 Kay has had many solo and mixed exhibitions in her home city of Melbourne, Australia, and overseas, specializing in symbolic art in 1992. Her first Tarot deck and book, 'The Spiral Tarot', was published in 1998. Kay's second Deck, 'Celestial Tarot', was published in 2003 with the Celestial book written by Brian Clark. A 52 card deck, 'Goddessess and Heroines' was published in 2005, again a joint effort by Kay and Brian Clark.

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