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Solar Writer - Astrology Chart Program and Report WriterSolar Writer
Astrology Birth Chart Program
and Report Writer

from Esoteric Technologies
the makers of Solar Fire

Solar Writer is a comprehensive birth chart calculation and interpretation program from Esoteric Technologies, the makers of Solar Fire. With Solar Writer you can create your own well organised and beautifully illustrated chart readings for yourself,  your clients, or friends and family - with just a few clicks of your keyboard.

Solar Writer has insightful and comprehensive interpretations written by internationally-renowned astrologer and lecturer, Stephanie Johnson, and includes accurate chart calculations by the creators of Solar Fire, Solar Maps and Solar Spark. The reports have been beautifully illustrated by artist Janet Bridgland. The text can also be modified to express your own interpretive insights.

Solar Writer comes as 4 independent report writer modules: Modern (individual charts), Synastry (relationships), Dynamic (predictive planning), and Zodiac Child (for children) and all include features which enable you to:

  • Customise the style of titles and body text: You can choose the colour, font style and size of the headings and body text in each of the Solar Writer reports. These are then set for every report produced, until you change them again.

  • Switch astrological titles on or off.

  • Switch Illustrations on and off. The report illustrations by artist Janet Bridgland are included in the Modern, Zodiac Child and Synastry report writers and can be switched on and off as you prefer.

  • Create new charts or select charts from Solar Fire chart files.

  • Lookup places in the full ACS Atlas: Solar Writer has the full ACS Atlas built-in. This includes more than 250,000 places with longitudes, latitudes and time zones.

  • Produce either full astrological explanation text - for educational purposes - or include text relevant only to current chart: Each Solar Writer report includes text that explains some of the astrological placements or techniques. You can choose to include this text or only include the personalised report writer text.

  • Preview and edit report before printing: As well as viewing and printing reports as RTF files, Solar Writer now has the ability to export reports as PDF files. These can also be e-mailed, and have the advantage that the recipient is always guaranteed to see the report formatted exactly as you have created it.

  • Use a Toolbar: Menu icons and toolbar options are now available, making selecting program options easier and quicker.

  • Use Improved Chart Handing Features: Solar Writer now keeps a list of the ten most recently used chart files for quick re-selection, and includes a new Search All Chart Files option.

  • Use Instant Internet Options: Solar Writer now gives you the ability to check automatically for the availability of any program updates, get technical help, make software suggestions, and register via e-mail from the menu.

Solar Writer's comprehensive reports are ideal for:

  • professional astrologers

  • beginners and student astrologers

  • friends and family

  • clients

  • the general public

You can learn more about the wonders of modern and classical astrology, or simply produce reports for family, friends, and clients.

Each Solar Writer module is designed for a particular category of chart and interpretation:

  • Solar Writer Modern: This is an all-purpose birth chart program  and illustrated report writer which you can use for individual charts of clients, friends and family. (Approximately 20 page illustrated report.) Solar Writer Modern Features

  • Solar Writer Synastry: This is the ideal program for interpreting relationships. You can compare two people's charts and observe the synastry between them. This reveals the intricate dynamics that exist between two people and includes inter-chart aspects which show the various harmonies as well as the more challenging elements of a relationship. (Approximately 20 page illustrated report) Solar Writer Synastry Features

  • Solar Writer Dynamic: A report writer which views and interprets the transits throughout a person's life, giving insight into the past as well as the future. This is not a daily planner but a view with analysis and interpretation over the months and years of a person's life. This is an excellent aid to planning the timing of important events for the future as well as offering some understanding of patterns of past life events. Solar Writer Dynamic Features

  • Solar Writer Zodiac Child: The Zodiac Child report has been written as an astrological guide for parents and guardians of children, as well as for professional astrologers who counsel and advise parents as clients. With Zodiac Child, you can see the child's gifts and weaknesses, aspects of health and illness, potentials for education and future life development and so much more. Greater understanding of the child's dynamics and life tendencies allows parents to give care and guidance in the most appropriate ways for the child's development - and allows us to see where the child will need special support to meet life's challenges. (Approximately 15 page illustrated report) Solar Writer Zodiac Child Features


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About the Author: Astrologer Stephanie Johnson lives in the Adelaide foothills in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and was a journalist in Australia, England and the USA for 15 years before becoming a professional astrologer. She is a consulting astrologer, Company Director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd in Adelaide, Australia, Editor of the Australian Data Collection and a parent. She holds the FAA Diploma qualification for her share in the design and development of the Solar suite of programs and was a former editor of the Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers.



About the Artist: Solar Writer's illustrations were done by artist Janet Bridgland who lives in the picturesque town of Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills in Australia. She is an artist, illustrator and teacher. Janet has held a number of exhibitions in art galleries in the city of Adelaide, as well as having a permanent exhibition of selected works in the boutique bookshop, Back Pages Books in the Adelaide hills, which she runs with her husband. Janet has illustrated a number of books for the publishing company, Calypso. She teaches illustration at the Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE, as well as individual art classes for children and adults. 



System requirements for Solar Writer v2:

CPU: PC with 486DX or Pentium CPU chip;

* Windows 95, 98, 98SE - 32 MB of RAM minimum - 64 MB of RAM or more recommended
* Windows ME, NT4 - 40 MB of RAM minimum - 80 MB of RAM or more recommended
* Windows 2000 - 72 MB of RAM minimum - 144 MB of RAM or more recommended
* Windows XP - 128 MB of RAM minimum - 256 MB of RAM or more recommended
* Windows Vista, Windows 7 - 500MB of RAM minimum - 1GB of RAM or more recommended

Disk Space: About 50 Megabytes or more of free disk space;



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Solar Writer - Astrology Birth Chart Program and Report Writer