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Sneezes and Wheezes

A Beginner's Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment
of Coughs, Colds, Fevers and Flu
by Jean Osborne and Meryl Hool

Sneezes and Wheezes was written for those new to homeopathy who want a quick and easy reference for the treatment of seasonal and acute illnesses.

Coughs and colds can strike at any time, sometimes just as a minor inconvenience and at other times causing real problems when your life is disrupted by the misery of acute illness.

Sneezes and Wheezes has been written to accompany the Helios Double Helix Basic 36 Kit and is presented in a simple, easy to read format, designed to enable the reader to select the correct remedy for every situation quickly and easily. The Guide also includes practical tips and advice, such as how to recognise the difference between a cold or flu, how to manage a fever and what to do about an irritating, loose or croupy cough.

Homeopathic remedies quickly resolve acute conditions and prevent unnecessary complications. Written by professional homeopaths, this book will guide you through winter ills and summer colds.

136pp; spring bound
ISBN: 0-9538884-2-8

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