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Raphael's 51-Year Ephemeris 2000-2050Raphael's 51-Year Ephemeris

The most user-friendly multi-year ephemeris
that money can buy!

Raphael's 51-Year Ephemeris 2000-2025: The prime consideration when selecting any working tool is its usability. The difference between Raphael's and all other ephemerides is the wider selection, organisation and layout of the information.

Raphael's Ephemeris has been the benchmark in usability for more than 200 years. Here you will find a well thought-out presentation which provides all the required horoscopic data on a single page, including the comprehensive Aspectarian (complete with the quintile family of aspects), times of ingresses, and additionally positions for Chiron, four asteroids and Black Moon Lilith. Supporting this, newly prepared interpolation tables have been specially tailored to astrologers' needs.

You will be working with your ephemeris for many years to come, so don't make the mistake of buying the price of a cheaper ephemeris. The investment you make here will repay you in the quality of your work for many years to come.



  Noon GMT With observed and projected correction for Delta T  
  Longitudes Daily for the Sun, planets and Moon (plus the Moon at midnight)  
  Declinations Daily for the Sun, planets and Moon  
  Latitudes Daily for the Moon and three-daily for the planets  
  Lunar-related Daily true and mean Moon's node plus ten-daily Black Moon Lilith  
  Extra Bodies Ten-daily Chiron and four principal asteroids: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta  




  Julian day number
Delta T
True obliquity of ecliptic
Synetic Vernal Point
Ayanamsa (Lahiri)


  Aspectarian Sun, Moon and planets (including Pluto)  
  Major and minor aspects including quintile family (bi-and semi-) and parallels  
  Stationary times Direct and retrograde  
  Ingresses Sun, Moon and planets  
  Moon's apogee and perigee Times to the minute  
  Moon's phases Times and positions  
  Moon's zero/max declinations Times to the minute  
  Eclipses Solar and Lunar




  Presentation One page per month, fully tested astrologer-friendly layout  
  Accuracy Up-to-date formulae applied for the full period. Calculated to the highest degrees of precision  
  Scope Includes positions for Chiron, four principal asteroids and Black Moon Lilith  
  Aspectarian Aspectarian includes quintile family aspects  
  Interpolation tables Newly devised interpolation tables to complement the ephemeris  

Large format: 21 x 30cm
Paperback; 640 pages w/illustrations
ISBN: 9780572033620

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