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Original Impulses for the Science of the Spirit - Rudolf SteinerOriginal Impulses for the Science of the Spirit

20 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

The Original Impulses for the Science of the Spirit lectures were given by Rudolf Steiner in the years 1906 and 1907 in Berlin where he lived at the time. The written versions that make up this volume have been taken from the notes taken by members of the audience as no professional stenographer was used at the time.

The lectures cover a wide variety of subjects, most of which provide the foundations of anthroposophical thought which Steiner continued to develop over the subsequent 18 years of his life. As the General Secretary of the German Chapter of the Theosophical Society at the time, he presents the lecture material as Theosophical knowledge, but it is understood that Steiner's input to Theosophy is the direct result of his own independent spiritual investigations into the spiritual aspects of human, natural and cosmic existence, and as such, is the same spiritual stream of wisdom that later took on the name 'Anthroposophy' after Steiner and the Theosophical Society eventually parted ways in 1912.

Subjects covered include the Rosicrucian origin of occult brotherhoods and their influence on civilisation; epidemics of psychological disorders resulting from materialistic outlooks; the nine layers of the inner earth and volcanic eruptions; the mission of H. P. Blavatsky; educational methods based on spiritual perception of the developing child; details on the nature of karma; differences in the evolutionary development of the different senses; stages of Rosicrucian development as well examination of Eastern and Christian Gnostic methods; health, medicine and nutrition; the soul's experiences in kamaloka and devachan; the legend of the Tree of Paradise and the Rose Cross; the esoteric aspects of the Lord's Prayer; stages of earth evolution; the world-significance of the Blood flowing from the Cross; the mysteries of the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father; difficult parables in the New Testament; the symbolic language of the Book of Revelation, including the meaning of 666, and the Lamb and its adversaries; three aspects of inner being and motivation.

Completion Press
Translated by A. R. Meuss; GA 96
316pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-9578189-1-2

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