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Man and the World of Stars
The Spiritual Communion of Mankind
twelve lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Man and the World of Stars embraces far more than the title suggests and consists of two lecture series: Man and the World of Stars and The Spiritual Communion of Mankind. In these lectures Rudolf Steiner explores many of the relationships between what we experience in ordinary daily life and the spiritual realms which surround and pervade us while awake and asleep, as well as between the time we are embodied and the time between death and rebirth. He describes for instance, the faculties of walking upright, speaking and thinking and how these have their counterpart experiences in spiritual orientation, the experience of the Cosmic Word or Logos and the lighting up of cosmic thoughts within our spiritual being in the spiritual realms. He describes the effects of our thoughts, feelings and deeds of will and how these are born by higher beings out into the cosmos. He explores the relationships between human beings, the regular progressive Beings of the hierarchies and their irregular counterparts - the Ahrimanic and Luiferic beings; the origins of love and of memory in our life between death and rebirth; human faculties of ordinary conscious activity and elemental beings; the relationship of materialistic spatial knowledge to spiritualised time knowledge; and much more.

This series of lectures is also significant historically. In the second to last lecture, Steiner introduces to the anthroposophical community the newly developed Movement for Religious Renewal (later renamed The Christian Community) and his insistence that it is not a part of anthroposophy or for anthroposophists. He outlines how it arose and describes the intention behind it.

These lectures were the last given in the original Goetheanum as the fire which destroyed it was discovered only an hour after the last one finished.

I. The Spirit-Seed of Man's Physical Organism. Walking, Speaking, Thinking, and their Correspondences in the Spiritual World.
II. Moral Qualities and the Life after Death. Windows of the Earth.
III. Man's Relation to the World of Stars.
IV. Rhythms of Earthly and Spiritual Life. Love, Memory, the Moral Life. Communion with Beings of the Higher Hierarchies.
V. Human Faculties and their Connections with Elemental Beings.
VI. Spiritualization of the Knowledge of Space. The Mission of Michael.
VII. Inner Processes in the Human Organism. Sense Perception, Breathing, Sleeping, Waking, Memory.

I. Midsummer and Midwinter Mysteries.
II. The Mysteries of Man's Nature and the Course
III. From Man's Living Together with the Course of Cosmic Existence Arises the Cosmic Cult.
IV. The Relation of the Movement for Religious Renewal to the Anthroposophic Movement.
V. Spiritual Knowledge Is a True Communion, the Beginning of a Cosmic Cult Suitable for Men of the Present Age.

Anthroposophic Press
12 lectures, Dornach, November-December 1922, GA219
Trans. D. S. Osmond
189pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-88010-008-7

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