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Learning Astrology - Damian SharpLearning Astrology
An Astrology Book for Beginners

Damian Sharp

In Learning Astrology, Damian Sharp takes the student systematically through the different components which together add up to a working knowledge of astrology.

After a historical survey of astrology, Sharp starts with the basics of the Horoscope and the Signs of the Zodiac. He then brings in the nature of each of the planets, the 12 Houses of the Horoscope and the major planetary aspects.

Once the fundamental principles are understood, Sharp then leads the reader through a practical understanding by interpreting each of the planets in each of the Signs, as well as in each of the 12 Houses and also indications for the planets in each major aspect.

Learning Astrology gives a good introductory as well as an adequate working knowledge of astrology for personal use, and provides a basis for going onto to further study.

277pp; paperback
ISBN: 1-57863-298-6

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Damian Sharp was born in Australia and was the recipient of two Literary Fellowship Awards from the Australian Council for the Arts. He is also the author of Simple Feng Shui and Simple Chinese Astrology, and has published short stories in periodicals like the Chicago Review. Sharp currently lives in San Francisco, California.



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