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Io Detective

Astrological Research Software
for Macintosh

Io Detective - Astrological Research Software

Io Detective is an essential tool for astrological research from Time Cycles Research which can be used to search collections of charts using user-defined chart criteria.

  • Quickly search through large groups of clients for criteria.

  • Prioritize your results, and view by Last name, Degree, etc.

  • Instantly view colour customizable charts.

  • Print your results for further study.

  • Transferring charts is easy with our new “Drag-and-Drop” feature.

  • Export your results as charts files or as tab-delimited text for quick analysis.



Use the Clues window to pose your astrological questions:

  • Planets in signs e.g. Sun in Libra.
  • Planets in houses e.g. Neptune in the 8th
  • Aspects e.g. Mars trine Venus
  • Degree e.g. Saturn is at 29° Virgo
  • Qualities e.g. Moon is Mutable
  • Elements e.g. Jupiter is in a Fire sign



System Requirements
System Software: Macintosh OS 9, OS 10.2 or later
RAM: 128 MB


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