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An Esoteric Cosmology - Rudolf SteinerAn Esoteric Cosmology

Evolution, Christ & Modern Spirituality
Rudolf Steiner

An Esoteric Cosmology by Rudolf Steiner: A congress of the Federation of European Sections of the Theosophical Society was held in Paris in May 1906. Rudolf Steiner attended with a number of students and presented, a series of lectures to a small circle of friends, mostly society members. Edouard Schuré was present and made succinct notes of those talks, the result of which is An Esoteric Cosmology. In is foreword, Schuré describes his initial impressions of Rudolf Steiner and the force of his vision: "These priceless lectures mark a significant phase of Rudolf Steiner's thought―that of the spontaneous burst of his genius and its first crystallization." Indeed, Schuré's notes from those lectures record perhaps the first general outline and summary of what would soon become Anthroposophy. At the time, most members viewed Theosophy as a kind of Europeanized Indian philosophy.

One purpose of the Esoteric Cosmology lectures was to outline Steiner's Christ-centred spiritual science in contrast to the Eastern orientation of Theosophy. He carefully connected the essence of spiritual science to the role of the Christ in human evolution, as well as to the Rosicrucian and Christian mystery traditions, the primary carriers of the esoteric Christian stream in the West. To accomplish this, Steiner presented the roots of Christianity in the ancient mysteries and in the whole evolution of the universe itself.

The miracle of these lectures, perhaps, is that Steiner was able to condense such a grand cosmology into eighteen lectures, and that Edouard Schuré was able to capture their essence in his relatively brief notes. A few years later, the content of these lectures would be expanded and presented in Rudolf Steiner's monumental work: Occult Science - an Outline. These lecture notes will prove invaluable for all those who wish to better understand that book, the basis of Rudolf Steiner's Christian cosmology, and his descriptions of the Christian mysteries.

Notes on 18 lectures, Paris 25 May - 14 June 1906
107pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-0-88010-593-4

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