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The Directory of Essential Oils - Wanda Sellar
The Directory of Essential Oils

Documenting more than 80 Essential Oils
by Wanda Sellar, Illustrations by Sarah Young

The Directory of Essential Oils
, researched and compiled by Wanda Sellar, lists and comprehensively describes the qualities and prescribing characteristics of more than 80 essential oils.

It serves as a guide to using essential oils safely, healthfully and wisely. It includes all those in popular use, as well as many more unusual oils. Each oil is extensively documented, including helpful information about its:

  • aroma and sources

  • features

  • history and myth

  • chemical constituents

  • healing properties

  • precautions in use

  • effects on mind, body and skin

  • other oils that each blends well with

Also listed is the taxonomical name of each plant along with the part used and method of oil extraction.

With an extensive glossary and blending chart, The Directory of Essential Oils is a comprehensive reference as well as a ready reckoner that no aromatherapist should be without.

'The research put into the production of this book is mind-boggling, making it the most comprehensive collection of facts relating to essential oils ever offered with aromatherapists in mind ... and contains much information that is not readily available from other sources. A real "must" for every aromatherapist's bookshelf.'
Aromatherapy Quarterly

192pp: paperback; 17 x 23.5cm
ISBN: 009190667-9


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