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Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies - T. W. Hyne JonesDictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies

Positive and Negative Aspects
T. W. Hyne Jones

Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies by T. W. Hyne Jones is a practical, accessible dictionary which lists the positive and negative qualities for each of the 38 Bach flower remedies to help you quickly find the remedy you need.

If you're experiencing drowsiness you could be in need of some clematis; if you've been overcome by a wistful sense of nostalgia or homesickness then taking honeysuckle could cure these negative thoughts; or if you simply want to banish that 'Monday morning feeling' then hornbeam might be the remedy for you.

Discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s, the Bach Flower Remedies are made from the wild plants, flowers and trees of the English countryside. Taking them is a natural way to establish inner harmony and emotional balance. The remedies are safe and helpful for both adults and children - and can even be administered to animals and plants.

Dr Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London and, after several years, gave up his lucrative Harley Street medical practice to travel the English countryside in order to research the healing benefits of herbs and plants. Over several years of searching and testing, he found 38 plants  which he found to be significantly related to distinct mental and emotional conditions, each one relevant to a particular psychological state. Using 2 methods of extraction, he prepared these into a range of remedies to help resolve a wide range of emotional trauma and dysfunctional states which become ingrained in us due to the stresses of our day to day existence. Dr Bach's system of emotional rebalancing is now used successfully worldwide by thousands of professional practitioners as well as home users.

96pp; paperback
ISBN: 009190649-0

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