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Calendar of the Soul - Rudolf SteinerCalendar of the Soul

The Year Participated
52 meditative verses by Rudolf Steiner

The Calendar of the Soul - meditations by Rudolf Steiner: In listening and sensing the inner language of nature in the course of a year, we can rediscover something of our essential human nature; for we as human beings are intimately related to all that goes on within the spiritual forces behind the changing face of nature and take part, albeit unconsciously, in these inner changes throughout the course of the year. These meditative verses, one for each week of the year, help to awaken a feeling of ourselves within nature, and through this not only stimulating a sensitivity to the inner qualities of nature but also awakening a fundamental awareness of our self.

This budget-priced pocket version features Owen Barfield's pioneering translation -'paraphrased for an English ear' - based on more than 50 years of studying the text. As Barfield argues, no simple translation can convey the 'thrust' of the verses. In his words: 'It is this quality which the version that follows especially aims to suggest - at the expense, where necessary, of close reproduction.'

This edition is offered in a convenient pocket size format which fits easily in a handbag or breast pocket.

Sophia Books
Translation  by Owen Barfield; GA 40
60pp; small format booklet (10 x 13.5 cm)
ISBN: 1-85584-188-6

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