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Autobiography - Rudolf Steiner
Autobiography - Rudolf Steiner
Chapters in the Course of My Life (18611907)

Autobiography - Chapters in the Course of My Life (1861-1907): Rudolf Steiner was undoubtedly a unique individual, offering to the world an unimaginably comprehensive and detailed view of the world based on what he maintained was a concrete perception of  spiritual realms which exist behind all natural forms and activities, and which provide the basis for human consciousness itself. This clairvoyant faculty combined with a highly developed intellect and a masterly skill of communication, both in speech and writing, led Steiner to what became his mission in life: the communication of knowledge concerning the spiritual worlds and their myriad relationships to the evolving human being - the study known as Anthroposophy.

Many know of Steiner's works, but little of the man himself. Although he seldom spoke of personal matters, Steiner's autobiography offers a rare opportunity to view the intimacy of his inner life, personal relationships, and the events that shaped his destiny. His narrative explores his early life experiences as an extraordinary child who's rapid educational advancement was largely due to his own self-training; his adolescent years when he absorbed fundamental works on philosophy in addition to his school studies in the natural sciences; his most significant contacts and relationships during these years and his early adulthood; his introduction to the works of Goethe, whom he championed throughout his life; his early tutoring career; his involvement with the budding Austrian cultural life of the day; his beginnings as a public speaker with his first public pronouncements of the spiritual realm, his involvement with the Theosophical Society as head of the German Section, and much more.

Originally written as seventy weekly instalments for the anthroposophic newsletter, Steiner's narrative outlines the first thirty-five years of his life - up to the year 1907.  These chapters were written in the final months of his life and unfortunately he was not able to complete his life story. But we are fortunate to be able to have, in his own writ, so much detail on the formative years of his life and their fruition in the early developments of what became the anthroposophical movement.

A supplement to this work is also available, which gives a comprehensive account of the missing years of his own narrative. Written by a close associate, The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner by Guenther Wachsmuth, covers in detail the events of his life from 1900 to his death 1925.

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Trans: R. Stebbing (GA28); 366pp
ISBN: 0 88010 600 X; paperback

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