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Astrology and Compassion - Roy GillettAstrology and Compassion

the Convenient Truth
Roy Gillett

Imagine a world that combines modern mechanical brilliance with compassionate understanding of every person's unique individuality. 300 years ago the Enlightenment threw out that possibility. A 21st century paradigm reversing this would make Earth much better.

Astrology and Compassion cuts through to the heart cause of our 21st century malaise and offers a healing logic that could radically improve our lives and society. It justifies and explains how astrology works and shows how using astrology extends contemporary academic theories and enhances key social institutions. Above all, this book shows us how to stop threatening and feeling threatened; how to care and be happy.

Astrology and Compassion offers an ecology that can heal the core of our personal and social lives, while sustaining what we really value. Beside it, contemporary methods are mere band aids.



Roy Gillett combines twenty years of experience in City of London business and school teaching with thirty more as an astrologer and Buddhist. He is President of Britain's The Astrological Association and a Trustee of London's Jamyang Buddhist Centre. He speaks for astrology on the media. All this experience has fuelled the extremely valuable insights this book offers.

Kings Hart Books
366pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-1-906154-07-3

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