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The Art of Lecturing - Rudolf SteinerThe Art of Lecturing

6 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

The Art of Lecturing comprises six lectures given by Rudolf Steiner to Anthroposophists in Dornach, Switzerland in October of 1921. The scope of these lectures is both the technical and artistic aspects of lecturing with an examination of how different approaches will affect the the listening audience. The purpose of these talks is instruction in how to speak to the public about Anthroposophy in general with particular emphasis on how to communicate about the Threefold Social Organism to different kinds of public.

As a seasoned lecturer of many decades and thousands of lectures on a wide variety of subjects, Steiner is exceptionally qualified to offer some very practical advice and useful tips - including vocalising exercises (in German) - to help the aspiring lecturer develop the skill of his or her craft.


Mercury Press
6 lectures, Dornach, 11-16 October 1921
paperback, 103pp; GA339
ISBN: 0-936132-63-9

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