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Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha - Rudolf SteinerApproaching the Mystery of Golgotha

10 lectures by Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Christopher Bamford

In Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha, Rudolf Steiner examines the evolving roles of the Archangel Michael in his relationships to the Judaic god, Yahweh (Jehovah) and the Christ, viewing the periods of the Hebrew development, the Greek Apollo cult and our own time - especially since the inception of the Michael period we are now in which began in 1879.

Steiner also examines changes in the human being that are occurring now, including subtle changes in the human brain around the speech centre which in future times will facilitate in some the ability to recall previous incarnations, in others who have not cultivated spiritually-oriented soul faculties through spiritual science, a form of mental illness because of not being able to use the organ.

In several of the lectures Steiner recounts the three ensoulments of Christ in an archangel-like being in the spiritual worlds in millennia prior to the Mystery of Golgotha. These ensoulments were necessary to bring regularity into the human senses, the etheric organs responsible for nourishment and finally the thinking, feeling and willing faculties of the astral body. The fourth and final ensoulment was an actual physical incarnation through the Mystery of Golgotha, which ensured the balanced and healthy development of the human ego, bringing balance between the integrity of the self-hood inherent in the ego and the capacity for selflessness through true empathy for others.

Steiner Books
10 lectures, 1 May 1913 - 1 June 1914, various cities
Translated by Michael Miller, CW 152; GA 152
176pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-88010-606-9

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