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Anthroposophy - A Fragment - Rudolf SteinerAnthroposophy - A Fragment

Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophy - a Fragment is an uncompleted text of 1910 which was found among Rudolf Steiner’s unpublished works, in the form of a hand­written manuscript and as printed sheets, corrected by the author.

Although fragmentary, this key work on anthroposophy, never before in English, is of enormous interest and importance. It is a work whose time has truly arrived. Steiner takes the first steps in this work toward developing a truly spiritual psychology. Avoiding abstract descriptions and schematic knowledge, he demonstrates the phenomenological approach to the human being as a sense organ, to the life processes, the I-experience, the human form, and the relationship to the higher spiritual worlds.

This is an essential work for those who feel the importance of developing cognitively towards a greater understanding of the human being.


Introduction by Dr. James A. Dyson

Foreword by Robert Sardello

1. The Character of Anthroposophy
2. The Human Being as a Sensory Organ
3. The World Underlying the Senses
4. The Life Processes
5. Processes in the Inner Human Being
6. 'I'-Experience
7. The World Underlying the Sense Organs
8. The World Underlying the Organs of Life
9. The Higher Spiritual World
10. The Human Form

224pp; paperback; GA 45
ISBN: 978-0-88010-401-2


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