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Agriculture - An Introductory Reader - Rudolf SteinerAgriculture - An Introductory Reader

Selected excerpts from lectures and writings of Rudolf Steiner
with introduction, commentary and notes by Richard Thornton Smith

Agriculture - An Introductory Reader brings together a variety of Rudolf Steiner's discussions on the elements of Bio-dynamic agriculture, and makes the subject readily accessible to those new to it. The subject matter is organised in such a way that the reader is taken through the various components which make up the philosophy of this system of farming as well as descriptions of its techniques, including manure and fertiliser preparations, dealing with fungi and plant diseases, soil management, and weed and pest control.

Chapter headings: The Evolving human being; Cosmos as the source of life; Plants and the living earth; Farms and the realms of nature; Bringing the chemical elements to life; Soil and the world of spirit; Supporting and regulating life processes; Spirits of the elements; Nutrition and vitality; Responsibility for the future

Sophia Books
243pp; paperback (small format: 12.4 x 17.3 cm)
ISBN: 1-85584-113-4

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