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Weleda Birch Elixir

Weleda Birch Elixir
to assist the body's self-cleansing processes

Weleda Birch Elixir is useful as part of a cleansing programme, especially recommended in the spring to help restore balance and vitality. Manufactured by a process which maintains the maximum content of the active components, Weleda Birch Elixir gently supports the cleansing processes of the body. The skin can also benefit from this programme, helping to purify the complexion to leave the skin looking clear and healthy.

A cleansing programme is recommended in the spring and autumn, and as an ideal complement to a diet regime. For maximum benefit cleansing can be complemented with revitalising Weleda Sea Buckthorn Elixir.

Directions for use: Dilute a tablespoonful of Weleda Birch Elixir in water or tea 2-3 times daily. Alternatively dilute the same amount of juice (30ml) in a large bottle of mineral water to consume during the day. 3-6 weeks treatment is recommended to cleanse the system. Shake before use.

Weleda Birch Elixir is similar to Weleda Birch Juice but with the addition of sugar and honey for an original sweet taste.

Guaranteed free from synthetic additives. Conforms with organic production methods.
Liquid Food Supplement.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Store out of the reach of young children.

Not suitable for diabetics.

Ingredients: Sugar* (57%), Aqueous extract of birch leaves** (34%), Lemon juice*** (6%), Honey* (3%).
*Organically grown; **From certified, controlled wild collection; ***Biodynamically grown.

Energy per 100ml: 1390Kj (333 Kcal)

Made from organically grown ingredients

Organic Certification DE-007

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Birch (Betula, folium) is the earliest tree to leaf in spring and frequently sheds its bark producing an ever youthful tree. The Silver_Birch is rich in protein and tannin. This is because, unlike most plants the goodness that the roots pull from the earth is transferred to the bark and then pushed out into the leaves, leaving potash salts in the bark rather than the root. The oil extracted from the bark is used in ointments for various skin problems, and the leaves are used in various treatments where there is sedimentation processes e.g. gout, rheumatic complaints.

Lemon Juice a natural source of vitamin C.



Cane Sugar is raw organic cane sugar.

Honey - organic.

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Weleda Birch Elixir