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Towards Social Renewal - Rudolf SteinerTowards Social Renewal
Rethinking the Basis of Society
by Rudolf Steiner

In Towards Social Renewal, Rudolf Steiner offers a re-evaluation of our ideas about the nature and organizational patterns of human society at a fundamental level. He introduces a perspective which will appear foreign to our habits of thought, and may even appear too idealistic where those habits have made us cynical in regard to anything new in society. The model he proposes, which has become known as the Threefold Social Order, does not grow out of the traditional left-wing vs. right-wing struggle which has been collaring social progress for centuries, but derives rather from the fundamentals of human nature itself, and these as understood as an expression of divine or cosmic organization.  In societies which preceded the "thinking" societies, these principles where felt instinctively and such "felt" wisdom guided the organization of their communities (as well as all other aspects of their lives).

As we have grown out of this felt wisdom and its image consciousness, into a more independent state with clear conceptual consciousness, we have also lost the guiding "strings" which directed us in a moral and organized fashion.  We now have to cope with discovering these primary organizational principles through our own efforts, efforts which are challenged by the confusion and chaos of contemporary unregulated social trends, and by the temptation to abuse class and economics for personal advantage.

Steiner is careful not give a detailed prescription for the structures and the running of such a society but indicates the fundamental organizational arrangement which must be observed if it is not to deviate from the life giving principles on which it is based.

This is an important book for those who feel the need and are willing to re-think fundamentals on the nature of human society.

Trans. M. Barton (GA23); 135pp
Rudolf Steiner Press
ISBN: 978 1 85584 072 0; paperback

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