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The Secret Doctrine - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - The Synthesis of Science, Religion and PhilosophyThe Secret Doctrine - Volumes 1 and 2
The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The Secret Doctrine was written and published by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1888 and was offered as an expansion, clarification and refinement of her earlier major work of 1877 – Isis Unveiled. Along with Isis Unveiled it can rightly be credited as the first major source of esoteric knowledge to be offered to the modern world.

The Secret Doctrine comprises 2 comprehensive volumes of esoteric knowledge which embrace the cosmogeny of the world (Volume 1 – Cosmogenesis) and the spiritual foundation and evolution of the human race (Volume 2 – Anthropogenesis).

Madame Blavatsky’s extraordinary capacity as a channel (or “medium” as it was called at the time) and her capacity to “read in the astral light” made her the ideal instrument for those occultists who felt that it was time to literally ‘pour’ spiritual knowledge into modern, materialistic human consciousness. She regarded herself as merely an instrument and messenger of these occult adepts – referred to as “Masters” by Blavatsky – who advised and directed her in her undertaking to bring to modern, Western  consciousness an entire library of Eastern esoteric knowledge concerning the origins of humanity and the world.

In Volume 1 – Cosmogenesis we are taken through cosmological developments from the primordial Absolute and Formless, through the subsequent phases of manifestation, consciousness and the creation of Worlds; from the transcendent realm of Duration to the manifestation realm of Time, from the Sleep of Worlds through the cyclic seven-fold patterns of manifestation and evolution. We are led through the earlier ‘globes’ of world evolution up to our Earth which is the fourth such manifestation. We view the cycles of manifestation with their various degrees and cycles and the the subsequent dissolution into the state of Pralaya or spiritual sleep as a vast and complex pattern of waves.

Cosmogenesis having set the broad stage, Volume 2 – Anthropogenesis focuses in more closely on the central act – that of humanity itself. Taking us through the primary manifestation stages of the Earth, we are carried through the dynamic beginnings of human development in its finest ethereal state, through the seven great “Root Races” through which humanity develops in the course of the Earth’s evolution. We witness some of the major changes in the earth’s continental structure as humanity evolves through the root races, which correspond to their continental regions of development – for example, the ancient major continent of Lemuria, home of the third root race, which perished by fire; and the mid-Atlantic continent of Atlantis, the land of the fourth, which was destroyed by flooding. We view the developmental tasks of our own root race, the fifth, as well as the progressively more spiritual faculties and accomplishments of the sixth and seventh root races. (Note: the term “root race” does not refer to races in the commonly understood sense, but rather a major period of human development.)

These two volumes are not a light read but rather an intensive study over a period of time by someone who is dedicated to the task. It is recommended that they be studied with reference to other sources of information, including scientific, spiritual, religious, mythological and philosophical, to verify or refute the assertions made (where possible), and to give context and balance to one’s understanding of the subject matter. Highly recommended to the serious student of the occult.

Theosophical University Press
Facsimile Edition
1571pp; paperback; 152mm x 215mm
ISBN: 1 55700 002 6

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