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The Meaning of Life - Rudolf SteinerThe Meaning of Life
And other lectures on fundamental issues
7 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

What is the meaning of life? - the purpose for our existence? The Darwin evolutionists say that there is none whatsoever. Rudolf Steiner however, discusses this ancient enigma from a spiritual perspective, offering profound and enlightening answers which suggest a direction and purpose in life of a high order, though one that is not straightforward.

In this inspiring collection of talks, Steiner also speaks on themes related to the  health, reincarnation, destiny, luck, and the trials of modern life. Most of these talks were originally published in booklet form and have been out of print for some years.

The topics in The Meaning of Life are related by the fact that all the lectures address practical and fundamental issues facing us in our daily lives: “Growth, Decay and Reincarnation,” “Human Participation in Evolution,” “Illusory Illness,” “The Feverish Pursuit of Health,” “Luck - Reality and Illusion,” “Psychological Distress and the Birth Pangs of the Consciousness Soul,” and “How to Listen to the Spirit.”

His lectures on health and illness show how the health of the soul is the key to health and vitality in the body, and that the health of the soul depends on that which can nourish the soul. Whereas the modern thought habits we habitually use to orient ourselves in the world weaken and deplete the soul, active contemplation of concrete knowledge of the spiritual realms and the human being’s place in them serves to invigorate the soul and bring balance to soul and body. In this way spirit brings health to soul and body.

In the lecture “Psychological Distress and the Birth Pangs of the Consciousness Soul”, Steiner gives some illuminating insight into the characteristics and challenges of the current cultural epoch – the Consciousness Soul epoch – that are not found in other lectures and writings on the subject.

Trans: J. Collis (7 selected lectures)
Rudolf Steiner Press
176pp; paperback
ISBN: 1 85584 092 8

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