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The Karma of Untruthfulness Volume 2 - Rudolf Steiner

The Karma of Untruthfulness

Secret Societies, the Media, and
Preparations for the Great War

12 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In The Karma of Untruthfulness - Volumes 1 and 2 lectures, given in the midst of the turmoil of the First World War, Rudolf Steiner courageously spoke out against the hatred and untruthfulness in the propaganda of the time, unmasking it as an illusion veiling the true spiritual struggle taking place behind the outer events. Out of his research into the spiritual impulses of human evolution, Steiner reveals the dominant role secret brotherhoods played in the events culminating in World War One, and warns that the retarding forces of nationalism must be overcome if Europe is to find its new destiny. He emphasizes the urgent need for a new social structure to emerge out of the insights of spiritual science if humanity is to progress into the future with confidence.

Although the Karma of Untruthfulness lectures were given during 1916, they have much to teach us about the political spin, media distortions, propaganda and downright lies we encounter on a daily basis in public life. Rudolf Steiner's calm and methodological approach penetrates the smokescreen of accusations and counterclaims, of illusion and untruth, surrounding the Great War. Hiding behind this fog, and under the guise of outer events, he reveals the true spiritual struggle that is taking place. His words give a deeper understanding of the politics and world conflicts that confront us today through the filter of the media.

At a time when political events throughout the world are moving with breathless rapidity, the reader will find much in these lectures that will illuminate the symptoms of our own turbulent times.

Trans. J. Collis (12 lectures, Dornach 1 - 30 Jan 1917, GA174)
Rudolf Steiner Press
240pp, paperback
ISBN: 1 85584
191 6

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