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The Gospel of St. Luke - Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophy bookThe Gospel of St. Luke
10 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

The Gospel of St Luke lectures presents the most accessible and illuminating of Rudolf Steiner's revelations with regard to Christ, and his significance for humanity's spiritual development. Steiner explores the link between Buddha and the life of Christ, a description that unites Buddhism and Christianity, not in theory but in perceived spiritual deeds of these two figures. Here, too, Steiner describes the relationship of the Greek Mystery traditions to the event at Golgotha.

Utilizing a historical overview, revealing the relationship between the great religious traditions, and how they have conspired together for the good of humanity, Steiner never loses sight of the gospel's great inner meaning, as echoed in the Gospel of St. Luke: "The revelation of the spiritual worlds from the Heights and its answering reflection from the hearts of men brings peace to all whose purpose upon the evolving Earth is to unfold good will."

Though Steiner was born with clairvoyant capacities, it was not until his fortieth year that he could link his inner experiences with the principal figure of Western spirituality, Jesus Christ. After that "solemn festival of knowledge," as he describes it in his autobiography, he engaged himself in numerous spiritual examinations in order to understand for himself and to convey to others the significance and detailed course of the Christ's incarnation. In lecture cycles spanning two decades, he spoke of the hidden background to all four gospels, the Book of Revelations, and even the Fifth Gospel of events that he read directly from spiritual worlds.

Rudolf Steiner Press/Anthroposophic Press
Trans: D. S. Osmond, O. Barfield (10 lectures, Basel 15-26 Sept 1909, GA114)
204pp;; paperback
ISBN: 0 85440 299 3

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