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The Gospel of St. John - Rudolf SteinerThe Gospel of St. John
12 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In The Gospel of St. John lectures, Rudolf Steiner lays the foundation for a renewed understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha.  He describes the John Gospel as not just a book of instruction but a force that can become active within our souls. He also regards it as the culmination of all the Gospels as it penetrates to the very heart of what Christ, the Logos, is for humanity and for world evolution.

Starting from the Doctrine of the Logos, announced in the opening lines of the Gospel, Steiner leads us through the doctrine of esoteric Christianity and the qualities of Christian Initiation.  The significance of the "raising of Lazarus" is explored along with its connection to the true authorship of the Gospel. He describes the important introduction of the cosmic "I AM" (the Christ) to the budding human ego experience as it developed over the long history (and pre-history) of mankind, showing with diagrams, how it gradually found its way into the human astral body, etheric body and physical body in ancient Lemurian and Atlantean times; how it then developed as conscious, active faculties in the Sentient Soul, Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul in post-Atlantean times. He also describes the significance of the Mystery of Golgotha for the evolving ego; the nature of the Virgin Sophia and the Holy Spirit; and much more.

All of Steiner's work, as Marie Steiner writes in her introduction, was to "pave the way to Christ." Indeed, at the conclusion of these lectures Rudolf Steiner said: "It will come to be understood that Christianity is only beginning its influence, and will fulfil its real mission only when it is understood in its true, spiritual form." And he added: "The more these lectures are understood in this sense, the better they will be understood as they were intended."

Trans. M. B. Monges
12 lectures, Hamburg, May 18-31, 1908 (GA103)
Anthroposophic Press
192 pages, hardback
0 88010 107 5

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