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The Evolution of Consciousness - Rudolf SteinerThe Evolution of Consciousness
as Revealed through Initiation Knowledge

13 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In The Evolution of Consciousness, Rudolf Steiner describes from Initiation knowledge how humanity is in a continual process of transformation and evolution. Contemporary consciousness, based on distinct sense perception and abstract logic, differs considerably from the consciousness of ancient humanity. In earlier times the human being was viewed and experienced as a microcosmic concentration of all the laws and activities of the cosmos, an active "image" of the cosmos in miniature. The loss of such an awareness has left the human being disconnected from the source and background of his earthy existence. It has left the developing intellect grasping at the riddle of its own existence and the soul fundamentally disoriented, especially in the current age when it has striven to answer this riddle with the principles of materialistic science.

In these comprehensive lectures, given to an English audience, Rudolf Steiner explains how it is possible to develop higher faculties of consciousness, which create a new understanding of the human being and his connection with the cosmos, and which can invigorate and bring certainty and stability to the soul and renewed vitality to the body.

The lectures culminate in the call for mankind to gradually take in hand his own destiny through the conscious and free development of his own spiritual capacities.

This new edition features a revised translation as well as previously unavailable addresses and question-and-answer sessions.

Rudolf Steiner Press
13 lectures, 2 addresses, 2 Q&A sessions
Penmaenmawr, Wales 19 - 31 Aug 1923, GA 227
302pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85584-129-1


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