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Speech and Drama - Rudolf SteinerSpeech and Drama
19 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In the Speech and Drama course, originally designed for students and professionals in stagecraft, Rudolf Steiner starts from a fundamental and spiritually-rooted appreciation of the nature of human speech and what takes place in human communication. Speech is both a spiritual activity and an art-form which lends itself to interaction with the higher spiritual worlds as well as to the human-social world around us. Thus, it becomes a powerful tool for the true dramatist in his ability to convey the reality of worlds both seen and unseen to the individual souls in the audience.

Part one of this course is devoted to speech formation. The second part deals with theatre arts. In part three, Steiner brings the art of drama into relationship to society as whole.

Topics included are:

  • Speech formation as an art

  • The six revelations of speech

  • Speech as formed gesture

  • Style in speech and drama

  • The annihilation of matter through form

  • Sensitive perception for sound and word instead of meaning and idea

  • Practical illustrations of speech formation

  • The mystery nature of drama

  • The esoteric aspect of the actor's vocation

  • and much more

Trans: M. Adams (19 lectures, Dornach, Sept 1924, GA282); 418pp
SteinerBooks/Anthroposophic Press
ISBN: 978-0-88010-142-4; paperback

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