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Socrates and the Enlightenment Path - by William BodriSocrates and the Enlightenment Path
by William Bodri

"Philosophy was all the rage. So Socrates strode through Athens claiming he had none. He claimed he was simply an individual in search of the truth. In actual fact, he had a Zen master's attainment."
                                                     —From the Introduction

One of Socrates' most enduring concepts—Know Thyself—echoes through Western literature and reverberates within Eastern thought. In this intriguing volume, William Bodri makes the case that Socrates, in his lifetime, attained the spiritual stage of samadhi, or enlightenment. Citing the life and the teachings of Socrates as an example, Bodri makes a compelling case for broadening Western philosophical ideas with Eastern spiritual knowing.

William Bodri is an interfaith consultant who has developed an expertise in Asian philosophy, He has degrees in engineering, business strategy, and nutrition. He is the co-author of Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation.

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211pp; paperback
ISBN: 1 57863 191 2
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