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Revelations of the Golden Dawn - R. A. Gilbert - The Rise and Fall of a Magical OrderRevelations of the Golden Dawn
The Rise and Fall of a Magical Order
R. A. Gilbert

With a charismatic leader and intoxicating mix of ancient wisdom and dramatic ceremonies, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn grew into a Magical Order with no historical equal.

With a membership as diverse as the poet W. B. Yeats, the actress Florence Farr and the dangerous occultist Aleister Crowley, it was a hothouse of schism, scandal and intrigue. And despite its phenomenal success, or perhaps because of it, the order vanished almost as suddenly as it appeared.

This is the first illustrated history of the order to draw on and reproduce many of its secret archives. It answers the questions about its origins and the true motives of its members. It is unique because it tells the whole true story through the lives and words of its extraordinary members.



R. A. Gilbert is the world's leading authority on the history of The Golden Dawn. He is the author of the authoritative handbook, The Golden Dawn Companion and biographer of A. E. Waite. He has also edited collections of essays by important figures of the 'Occult Revival' such as W. W. Westcott, MacGregor Mathers and A. E. W. Waite. He is the editor of the Transactions of the prestigious masonic research lodge, 'Quatuor Coronati'.

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