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Raphael’s Astronomical Ephemeris has been published each year since 1819. It is an invaluable tool for the astrologer as it can show at a glance a wide variety of astronomical information which the astrologer needs to construct a chart for any moment in the given year. It also serves as a ready reference when needed to quickly and easily determine  planetary placements, aspects, retrograde motions, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar phases – exact to the minute, and much more. It is not always convenient to draw up a chart, or even to use a computerized astrology program, in order to quickly view the weeks and months ahead or just to know when the next full moon is. As a pocket reference, this is where Raphael’s Ephemeris comes into its own. If you are planning to travel or to enter into a financial contract, a quick glance will show when Mercury goes retrograde - periods when you would be ill-advised to do so. Once you have located general periods of favourable or unfavourable planetary circumstances using the ephemeris, you can then produce full charts to fine-tune your choice of opportune times.

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W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd
49pp; booklet
Year 2003: ISBN: 0 572 02707 9
Year 2004: ISBN: 0 572 02843 1
Year 2005: ISBN: 0 572 02950 0
Year 2007: ISBN: 0 572 03182 3
Year 2008: ISBN: 978-0-572-03298-2
Year 2009: ISBN: 978-0-572-03404-7
Year 2010: ISBN: 978-0-572-03496-2
Year 2011: ISBN: 978-0-572-03572-3
Year 2012: ISBN: 978-0-572-03628-7

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How to Read Raphael's Ephemeris - by Jeff Mayo

How to Read Raphael's Ephemeris
A Complete Understanding
Jeff Mayo

To make the best use of Raphael’s Ephemeris, it is also recommended to read How to Read Raphael’s Ephemeris, written by Britain’s premier astrological teacher, Jeff Mayo. In this book you will read in simple layman’s terms, everything you need to know to construct an astrological chart from the ephemeris. The book has recently been updated and includes useful British Summertime information for the UK. Even experienced astrologers will benefit from a read of this compact and authoritative text.

W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd
96pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 572 02587 4



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