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Qabalah, Tarot and the Western Mystery Tradition - by Clifford BiasQabalah, Tarot & the
Western Mystery Tradition

The 22 Connecting Paths of the Tree of Life
compiled and edited by Clifford Bias

In Qabalah, Tarot & the Western Mystery Tradition, Clifford Bias presents a comprehensive and novel system of study for the modern student of the Western Mystery Traditiona way of advancement that combines elements of Qabalah, Tarot, and Astrology. Using the included translation of the Sepher Yetzirah as a basis of study and transcendence, Bias illustrates the different aspects of the Qabalahthe 10 Sephiroth, the 22 connecting paths, the three pillars, and the three triangles. Further explorations of the 22 connecting paths illustrate their relation to astrological, zodiacal, and elemental concepts. Finally, he reveals rituals based on the symbolism in the major arcana cards of the Tarot to lead students along the paths of the Qabalah towards enlightenment. Illustrated with the Tarot Atu, a version of the popular Marseilles deck.

Dear Seeker:
A path is opening before you, a path that will allow you to break out of your present circle of limited awareness. This is the path of the New Age Qabalah. The term "New Age" indicates the forward-looking attitude of Aquarius—whose keynote is "Freedom. " We seek freedom to be,  freedom to become.

This book is not a study of the Hebrew Qabalah. It is a study of the Hermetic-Gnostic Qabalah. Both systems share the primary symbol of the Qabalah, the Tree of Life. This is the basis of our study. This book is not just another tired re-hash of other works—it's a fresh approach.                    -from A Note to the Reader


Samuel Weiser, Inc
158pp; paperback
ISBN: 1 57863 031 2

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