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A Psychology of Body, Soul and Spirit - Rudolf SteinerA Psychology of Body, Soul
and Spirit

Anthroposophy, Psychosophy and Pneumatosophy
12 lectures by Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Robert Sardello

A Psychology of Body, Soul and Spirit is a series of twelve lectures by Rudolf Steiner which provide the basis for an entirely new approach to psychology. Steiner speaks concretely about the activities of the soul and spirit of the human being, terms which are not even acknowledged by modern psychology. The first four lectures give a precise, dynamic understanding of the human soul in relation to the activity of the senses and to the subtle processes that form the human body. The next four lectures focus on what we can know of the human soul based on direct observation alone, without resorting theoretical models. The concluding lectures portray the relationship of soul life to spirit life, particularly showing us how to awaken individual spirit life and how to distinguish between illusory and genuine spiritual experiences.

Presented almost a century ago, one might be tempted think that, as far as psychology is concerned, whatever these lectures have to say must be dated. It is also tempting to think that because Rudolf Steiner is not usually considered to be one of the recognised spokesmen of modern psychology, his efforts in this direction must be considered, at most, an interesting aside. On the contrary, these lectures are offered as a wellspring for a true and valuable stream of psychology. However, in contrast to the usual approach of modern psychology which is always to examine the human mind from a naturalistic and humanistic perspective, Steiner describes human consciousness and behaviour from the viewpoint of the eyes of the spirit―thus offering additional dimension and a broader context to the study, and one which offers scope for more fundamental tools to help personal development and also to help those who suffer from psychological distress.

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Anthroposophic Press
Trans. M. Spock
12 lectures, 23 Oct 1909 to 16 Dec 1911, GA115
233pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-88010-397-3



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