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Practicing the Cosmic Science - Stephen Arroyo - Key Insights in Modern AstrologyPracticing the Cosmic Science
Key Insights in Modern Astrology
by Stephen Arroyo

This new edition of Practicing the Cosmic Science by Stephen Arroyo is a revised and expanded version of the controversial book that redefines astrology's purpose (formerly titled The Practice & Profession of Astrology).

Arroyo maintains that a "Cosmic Psychology" is needed today as the new millennium unfolds. This book shows that this can indeed be achieved through a reformulated, modern type of astrology. Never before has there been such a practical presentation of astrology as a valuable and therapeutic art & science. This expanded edition also includes excerpts from interviews with the author (the recipient of three International astrology awards) as well as additional new material.

"Stephen Arroyo pulls no punches . . . . he insists that astrology must be brought down to earth by the use of common sense and a practical, intelligent, dignified presentation of astrological wisdom."
                                                                                      - Journal of the Seasons

"If you care about astrology at all, this is essential reading, providing invaluable insights into many of the crucial issues facing astrology and astrologers at this time."
                                                                     - Journal of Canadian Astrologers

CRCS Publications
208pp; paperback
Translated into 5 languages
ISBN: 0-916360-62-8

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Stephen Arroyo is the author of numerous best-selling books on astrology, all of which have presented a type of astrology that is modern, innovative and directed toward self-understanding. In reformulating traditional astrology, he also recognizes astrology's value as the most comprehensive language of life and inner experience that is available to us today. His books are notable for their clarity of expression and are extremely popular around the world, with translations now appearing in twelve languages. He holds an M.A. degree in psychology and for many years maintained a busy counselling practice.



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