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Patterns of Life Force - Bach Flower Remedy book by Julian Barnard
Patterns of Life
A review of the life and work of Dr Edward Bach
and his discovery of the Flower Remedies

Julian Barnard

Bach’s simple method of healing is placed in a wider context so that we can grasp why it is so effective and realise its implications for the future. This is a helpful and compassionate account of his work combined with a simple, eloquent appraisal of how we can change and overcome our life difficulties. Julian Barnard, author of the well-known Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies, speaks of his understanding of life force and how we shape its action in the pattern of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Users of the Flower Remedies will find that they are invited to enlarge their concept of them. The explanation of life force, thought forms and patterns of behaviour illuminates the action of the Flower Remedies and their relationship with health and disease.

‘ . . . discusses with great sensitivity Bach’s own nature and the subtleties of his genius . . . it makes fascinating reading.'
                                                                                                         Homśopathy Today

111pp, paperback
ISBN 0 9506610 1 5