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New Insights in Modern Astrology - Stephen Arroyo and Liz GreeneNew Insights in Modern Astrology
Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene

In this revised edition of New Insights in Modern Astrology, Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene present some of their most insightful observations. They discuss a wide variety of fascinating subjects in an especially innovative and dynamic way, including:

  • Chart Comparison Dynamics

  • Research on Relationships

  • Conscious & Unconscious in the Chart

  • Jupiter & Saturn: Cycles and Symbolism

  • Chart Synthesis Methods

  • Key Issues of Astrology Today

  • The Myth of the Individual Journey

This book contains some of the most original and important astrological ideas published in the last twenty-five years. Translations have been published in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French.

"I never cease to be amazed at the depth and significance that Greene and Arroyo give to their chosen topic. Arroyo's and Greene's books are some of the few that I read over and over, and always come up with a new angle or insight."                                                                                               - Astrogram

"Greene and Arroyo are always brilliant when it comes to explaining difficult concepts in a way that even beginners can understand-this is a trademark of their styles."                                                                                         - Astrology West

"Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo are the two astrologers who consistently contribute concepts of the highest calibre to the field of psychologically oriented astrology. This joint effort is no exception.... These are the two professionals who are breaking new ground in astrology"                                      - NCGR Newsletter

CRCS Publications
210pp; paperback
ISBN: 0-916360-47-4

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Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo are two of the most respected and widely-read authors of serious astrology today. Their combined books in print total over one half million copies. Each has broad training and experience in counselling and therapeutic uses of astrology, and each has a special ability to express with great clarity those rare astrological insights that come only from years of experience and keen observation of people.



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