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The Astrological Neptune - Liz GreeneThe Astrological Neptune
and the Quest for Redemption

Liz Greene

Liz Greene explores Neptune themes in literature, myth, politics, religion, fashion, and art to show how its energy is manifested. Deception, illusion, addiction, renunciation, karmic obligation, creativity, love, relationships—all are explored. The Mythology of Neptune (Fons et Origo), The Psychology of Neptune (Hysteria Coniunctionis), Neptune and the Collective (Anima Mundi), and The Neptune Cookbook (Ferculum Piscarium) exhaustively treat the subject for both astrologers and students of symbolism. Astrologers will love the charts and the discussion of Neptune in the houses, by aspect, in synastry, and in the composite chart. Students of symbolism will love having a chance to listen to Greene expound on how the creative energy of Neptune touches our lives.

The publication of any book by Liz Greene is an event, both inside and outside the astrological community. A Jungian analyst and one of the foremost teachers of astrology in this century, Greene's work has profoundly influenced an entire generation of astrologers. . . . Reading Greene is a curiously potent experience.                                               —Priscilla Costello Gnosis, Winter 1997

Liz Greene never preaches. She never makes outrageous claims. She never expects us to agree with her without argument. Instead she discusses and discourses, explaining and persuading with her poetic phrasing and grammatical charm. Even the most inexperienced student of astrology will be taken into her confidence as her thoughts unravel and she reaches her conclusions. Yet underpinning her theories and suggestions is a raw passion, a commitment to the pursuit of the truth, and passion for self-understanding which ranks this as her greatest book since Saturn.                   —
Nick Campion

The Astrological Journal November/December 1996 ... not until Liz Greene completed her latest book ... has any writer come close to presenting such a comprehensive intellectual model based on astrological archetypes. The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption is a monumental masterpiece.                                         —
Chris Lorenz Horoscope, October 1996

Weiser Books
508pp; paperback
ISBN: 1-57863-197-1


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