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The Modern Textbook of Astrology - by Margaret E. HoneThe Modern Textbook of Astrology
Revised Edition
Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol. S.

Now in its 19th printing with five revisions and over 110,000 copies in print, Margaret E. Hone’s The Modern Textbook of Astrology stands as one of the most widely read and respected astrological textbooks ever to be published. It was written with the aim of  helping beginners to learn astrology and also improving and facilitating the work of more experienced students who wish to use astrology either as their main or their subsidiary profession, or just as an interesting spare time occupation. The teaching is detailed and many working examples are shown.

The book includes:

  • Astronomical information as a basis of understanding astrology.

  • Straightforward calculation by the modern "direct method".

  • Examples of natal and progressed charts.

  • A system of skeleton notes on which to build a synthesis of all deductions drawn from a chart.

  • A complete personal interpretation as written by the author to a client.

  • An historical background to astrology.

  • A discussion on astrology in relation to psychology.

The author was at one time Principle and Director of Studies of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK, and spent many years on astrological work, both as a teacher and consultant.

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320pp; paperback
ISBN: 0 85243 357 3



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