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Let the Numbers Guide You
The Spiritual Science of Numerology
Shiv Charan Singh

Numerology is perhaps the oldest of the divination arts and at the heart of many religious systems.

Let the Numbers Guide You by Shiv Charon Singh offers a spiritual basis for the power of numbers and illustrates their formative dynamics in a variety of life's circumstances. It explains why they relate to particular psychological states and shows how they can be used for diagnosing life's problems and for providing solutions. It shows how numbers are a mirror of our very essence, explaining the relevance of time cycles and dates of birth.

As a statement of the formula behind all formulas, it  presents numerology as a multi-faceted jewel that you will want to refer to again and again to provide understanding and orientation, and as a tool in the management of your life.

"[Shiv Charan Singh] is teaching us life through numbers and numbers through life. Studying this material will enable you to make your own journey in life with numbers as the reference, as a point of support from which you can act in a way which will transform your story and your patterns. Through the practical application of these insights you will arrive nearer to your true nature, to the expression of your soul and the choice to go in the direction of your "becoming," your future, your destiny."
                                                                     Valerie De-Menthon, psychologist

"Opens a door to a profound state of wisdom. His teachings are vibrant, vital and at the same time extremely practical."                     Ward Veazy, artist and designer

"A road map for the common human journey and the context within which to start living as a fully manifested human being."           Bill Marshall, business consultant

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310pp; paperpack
ISBN: 1-903816-64-5

Shiv Charan Singh has studied numerology and the esoteric sciences since his childhood. After studying with several masters he now directs the Karam Kriya School of Applied Numerology in London and is the founding director of the Kriya Centre for Kundalini Yoga teacher training.


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