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Keys to the Soul - Mechthild Scheffer - A Workbook for Self-Diagnosis using the Bach FlowersKeys to the Soul
A Workbook for Self-diagnosis using the Bach flowers
Mechthild Scheffer

Keys to the Soul - Mechthild Scheffer: The Bach flowers are catalysts for growth - keys to the soul - for those times in our mental development when the personality shuts itself off from the directions issued by the soul. In the process by which lives unfold, this book helps people in a straightforward and even playful way to make practical use of the potential the Bach flowers offer for transforming energy. It explores beyond simply taking the drops and can help at all stages of mental development, whatever intellectual or spiritual qualities the reader starts out with. Scheffer links the original source of the Bach flower energies with contemporary techniques and knowledge from the field of work with psychological and spiritual awareness. The programme of exercises gives everyone the opportunity to develop his or her own personal Bach flower profile, and this in turn makes self-diagnosis considerably easier.


C. W. Daniel
256pp; paperback
ISBN 0 85207 309 7

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The Bach flower remedies are a system of healing for the negative emotions and attitudes which may interfere with health and happiness. They were discovered by an eminent physician, Dr. Edward Bach MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH, in the 1930's. Having spent many years involved in medical research, Dr. Bach involved himself with homoeopathy, but then gave up his lucrative medical career and Harley Street practice to travel the countryside in order to complete his discovery into the healing benefits of herbs and plants.



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