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Karmic Relationships - Volume 1 - Rudolf SteinerKarmic Relationships - Volumes 1 - 8
81 lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in various cities
Feb - August 1924

Esoteric Studies

Karmic Relationships Lecture Series: During 1924, before his last address in September, Rudolf Steiner gave over eighty lectures on the subject of karma to members of the Anthroposophical Society. These profoundly esoteric lectures examine the underlying laws of reincarnation and karma, and explore in detail the incarnations of certain named historical figures. In Rudolf Steiner's words, the study of karma is ‘. . .a matter of penetrating into the most profound mysteries of existence, for within the sphere of karma and the course it takes lie those processes which are the basis of the other phenomena of world-existence. . .'

Karmic Relationships Volume 8 - Rudolf SteinerThe various volumes cover different aspects of the complex nature of karma and how these have come to expression in the lives and influences of a large variety of historical figures as well as in the development of the anthroposophical movement itself.

Like all of Steiner's descriptions of spiritual matters, the Karmic Relationships lectures are the result of fully conscious and discriminating spiritual examination of the karmic history of each historic individual under consideration and were not the result of mediumistic 'channelling', trance states, theory, tradition or speculative hunches.

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Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) called his spiritual philosophy 'anthroposophy', which he defined as 'the consciousness of one's humanity', and the disciplined methods of studying this he termed ‘spiritual science’.  As a highly developed clairvoyant and spiritual initiate, he spoke from his direct cognition of the spiritual world. However, he did not see his work as religious or sectarian, but rather sought to found a universal 'science of the spirit'.

His many published works (written books and lectures) - which include his research into the spiritual nature of the human being, the evolution of the world and humanity, and methods of personal development - invite readers to develop their own spiritual faculties.  He also provided indications for the renewal of many human activities, including education - both general and special - agriculture, medicine, economics, architecture, science, philosophy, religion and the arts. He wrote some 30 books and delivered over 6000 lectures across Europe, and in 1924 founded the General Anthroposophical Society which today has branches throughout the world.


Karmic Relationships - Rudolf Steiner