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Karmic Relationships Volume 3 by Rudolf SteinerKarmic Relationships – Volume III
Esoteric Studies
11 lectures by Rudolf Steiner

In Volume III of Rudolf Steiner’s 8-volume series on Karmic Relationships he puts special attention on the karmic streams of humanity which are woven into the anthroposophical movement and specifically the Anthroposophical Society. He describes the broad characteristics and history of two types of souls, their evolutionary background from a long-past antiquity and their experiences both incarnate and excarnate in recent centuries.

There are those who in the very distant times of ancient Lemuria when the Moon and Earth were still one body, departed to cosmic realms and could only return in a later epoch when the substantiality of the earth and especially of the human body were suitable to them. (See: An Outline of Esoteric Science for an in-depth account of the early evolutionary history of the world and of humanity.) These have had few incarnations compared with the second stream who remained with the earth and experienced its long history of changes. These two “breeds” of soul approach anthroposophy quite differently and bring markedly different forces into its cultivation and development.

Steiner also describes very significant human experiences and events since the Mystery of Golgotha which were fundamentally important for the souls who incarnated in the 19th and 20th centuries seeking, consciously or unconsciously, to find Anthroposophy. Impulses which could be experienced in the early Christian centuries, developments in the 12th and 13th Centuries in the Scholastic schools of Chartres, the struggles of the Dominicans against Arabic spiritual concepts, powerful events which took place in the spiritual realms, especially in the early 19th Century which were experienced profoundly by Anthroposophical souls approaching a new birth, all of these and more are described to show the spiritual preparations for the advent of the anthroposophical spiritual movement which has been inaugurated under the guiding auspices of Michael.

This is an important read for anthroposophists who are seeking a greater understanding of the development of Anthroposophy as a generative spiritual movement in the declining world of materialism. More personally it is also important for the understanding of our own experiences and orientation within the anthroposophical movement as well as for an understanding of others whose methods and manner are seen to be different from our own.

Trans. G. Adams & D. S. Osmond
11 lectures, Dornach, 1 July – 8 Aug 1924, GA 237
Rudolf Steiner Press
184pp; paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85584-216-8



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